Attorney Services

We focused on providing trial attorneys with integrated, enhanced financing capabilities. We continuously strive to better support business growth and managing operations. We provide law firms with comprehensive disbursement funding/case cost funding, law firm loans, and working capital financing. Their innovative financial solutions for contingency-fee law firms address trial law firms’ unique liquidity needs, thereby improving cash flow and profitability.


Attorney Funding

If you are an attorney interested in learning about law firm finance, case cost funding, case disbursement funding, law firm loans, law firm lines of credit, call us and we’ll help you make the best decision.

  • Law Firm Finance
  • Disbursement Funding
  • Case Cost Funding
  • Law Firm Loans
  • Law Firm Line of Credit


Attorney Settled Case Funding

  • Settled Case Funding
  • For attorneys and their clients
  • Receive up to 50% of your fees
  • Don’t Wait – Get Your Fees now!

Get Paid The Day Your Case Settles

You will never have to wait again for insurance companies or defendants to pay their settlements or judgments. With our Settled Case Funding, you and your clients will have immediate access to up to 50% of your fees and/or their recovery in the case.

We will provide funding whenever you reach a settlement.  We offer Settled Case Funding for any settled case, regardless of the type of case.

What We Need to Get Started

  • A copy of the executed general release.
  • Documentation of the attorney’s fees and/or the client’s recovery in the case.
  • The amount of funding requested.

Upon receipt of all required documents, you will be able to receive your funds within ONE HOUR!

To get started or with any questions, contact us or call 800-965-2567.

Low Fees. Fast Service. Easy To Use.


Plaintiff Pre-Settlement Funding

  • Easily send in an application for a client through the Application from Attorney/Law Firm for Client.
  • Minimum of $500
  • Lawsuit cash pre-settlement advance up to 10% of estimated case value
  • We don’t get in the way of your ability to settle your case
  • Underwriting department made up of former trial attorneys
  • Lower rates than other pre-settlement funding companies
  • Cut and cap rates if case goes on too long

Through Pre-Settlement Funding for plaintiffs, we have helped the clients of thousands of attorneys throughout the country receive the settlement or award they deserved.

Our lawsuit funding services help plaintiffs to pay for daily living expenses and medical bills. Plaintiff lawsuit funding gives attorneys the time they need to obtain the best results and collect the fees they deserve.

Send in an application for a client in need. Easy Application from Attorney for Client.